Sunday, April 24, 2011

A. The reason why this photo was taken was because me and my best friend was staying up really extremely late and we wanted to start capturing our stupid times together late night and i tried getting her when she was working and it some what worked. I kept it because its very sentimental to our times hanging out when we barely get to hang out ourselves really. I chose it for this assignment because its one of me and of someone thats means a lot to me. 

B. I was the photographer and we are best friends that really influences me to get in the picture because I was being very sarcastic at the time because it wasn't really a happy time since we where staying up soo late that night and it was very frustrating. My best friends reaction to me doing this was like really you really want to take a photo now? 

C.I think this photo was just view for the both of us to commerate that night of when we almost went insane just for homework that was due the next day. I will remember this photo in ten years with her because we had a "fun time" doing stuff.

A. Purpose of the photo was to show that a head massager does exist. I have never seen it and I thought this photo was hilarious. I just like taking pictures and making people either laugh or just smile because  a smile goes a very long way. 

B. The photographer was actually my best friend again because we go out and take pictures of funny stuff that  we can laugh at all the time since life is to short to really be grumpy about stuff. We really want to show funny things we find on our crazy adventures that we embark on.

C.I think that is photo is just to be viewed for me and anyeone who is curious to what is on my head. I will remember this photo later on in life and wonder if there is a better version of this head massager because it felt very weird to try it because it really didn't work so well.   

A. It think the purpose of this photo was to get Bill Gates' good side really. I chose it for this assignment because i really looked at famous people for this assignment and a lot of people know who Bill is because he is so rich and created a lot of things that we use today. He is very influential on me because he went to Harvard and DROPPED OUT!!! and now hes rich. I think that if i can do something like that and really develop something that change the face of the world today i would.

B. I don't know the emotional relationship between the Bill and the Photographer but i do know that they both wanted to show his good side and show that he looks professional and charismatic. 

C. I think its just suppose to be viewed as hey this is Bill Gates and that he is a family man because of the ring on his left hand. That hes just not a all about the money n stuff. I think it will be viewed for a long time because whenever he passes he will be used as a example of a man who made something that was great. I think I remember this picture as long as possible I think i will remember it in ten years.


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